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Steambirds Survival

A million lives depend on you. Buy the citizens of London time to evacuate the city before it is exterminated by the Axis' Flying Armada!

SteamBirds: Survival is an aerial dogfighting game that lets you take on an ever-growing number of enemies. Downed planes leave powerups; collecting those without getting yourself killed is key to your survival. The game's replayability has been improved from the original version of Steambirds by introducing 24 distinct planes, each of which has unique strengths and weakness that emphasize different play styles. Each plane has its own leaderboard, so users can spend endless hours fighting for the top of the charts.

This game also features microtransactions, unlike the previous version of Steambirds. Players can play 16 planes for free; 8 planes are available for cash. Purchasing a plane with cash does *not* give you a competitive advantage over free players, since every plane has its own independent leaderboard.

How long can you last against an onslaught of enemies?

Steambirds Survival Screenshot

Steambirds Survival screenshot

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