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Greedy Halloween

Halloween puzzle game!
Try to find a matching set of tokens and 'sell' it. Candy can be included into a set of any type.
You wll get much bigger score for the larger set. You can get a huge bonus for full row (or column) of tokens.
Also there is special 'all-candies' time bonus - it is valuable, because the Halloween sale only lasts 100 seconds.

How to play:
* Find 3-or-more matching tokens.
* Click and hold left mouse button on any one of them.
* Drag mouse over matching tokens.
* Release mouse button.

Greedy Halloween strategy guide:
* Try to sell a whole row of tokens - there is a huge bonus for full rows/columns.
* Use candy wisely. What is the best - a few seconds as a 'all-candies' bonus or a better chance to sell a whole row?
* Wholesale bonus gives you 1000 scores at once - you must sell all tokens of any kind.
* 3 tokens give you 9 scores, 4 tokens give 16 scores, 5 tokens gives 25 scores and so on.

Greedy Halloween for you site:

Greedy Halloween Screenshot

Greedy Halloween screenshot

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